Canna, Bella & Sonny

Canna, the dog on the left, is the reason we discovered raw feeding to begin with. She had an ear infection for the first 3 years of her life, which led to numerous trips to various vets. From antibiotics to ear cleaner, we had tried everything… so we thought. Ultimately, we made the decision to switch to a raw diet. Well, as if by magic, 3 weeks after switching to a raw diet, Canna’s ear infection just disappeared. Bella, the dog in the middle, and Sonny, the dachshund, are both thriving on a raw diet. They primarily eat Performance Dog, but they also get to munch on raw meaty bones a few time every week.

Lenny & Lola

Lenny(L) and Lola(R) are two mini pinschers  from Long Island who have responded remarkably well to Performance Dog. After 10 weeks on their new diet, they are softer, shinier, and all around healthier than they were when they were eating kibble. Since beginning her new diet, Lola has lost 2 lbs, bringing her down to 13 lbs. Gradually, we hope to get her down to 10 lbs, which would be ideal for a dog of her size and breed.


Does Performance Dog really work? You be the judge. These are two unaltered photos of “Karnage” taken by the same camera. The photo on the left is prior to feeding our raw diet and the one on the right is 6 weeks later.


Jaxx had a very serious problem. His anal glands were overactive and they would fill up in 3 days or less, leaving him in terrible discomfort each time he did his business. Since switching to a raw diet, his stool is firmer, which has forced his anal glands to naturally express themselves each time he poops. His owner had also brought him to several different vets, all of whom suggested various kibble brands. None of the kibble varieties did anything to solve the problem. After exhausting all other options, Jaxx’s owner tried a raw diet and the problem went away in one feeding.


Nala is a 10 lb. havanese who just turned 1 the day before this photo. She has been on a raw diet for the last 7 months. Even toy dogs should be eating raw meat and bones.