Feeding raw, also known as SARF diet or BARF diet, is the most beneficial way to feed your animals. It is the way nature intended for them to thrive.

“What we can be sure of is that nature has had lots of practice and practice makes perfect. If we feed our pets according to nature’s model, we’ll get the best available health, vitality and longevity. Whole carcasses of other animals set the standard in canine cuisine. Next, I suggest, comes a diet based on raw meaty bones. It’s the physical side of ripping, tearing and chewing meat from bone that is central to the needs of a carnivore diet. By all means include whole carcasses as often as possible; include meaty bones and offal from a range of fish, mammals, and birds.”

-From: Dr. Tom Lonsdale and his book Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health

What are the benefits of feeding raw?

Healthy pets! The diet nature intended for them. Raw meaty bones should be included in any raw diet. It stimulates gums, eliminating the need for expensive and painful dental cleaning at the vets. Bad teeth are the cause of many health problems. More than 85% of animals have periodontal disease caused by plaque.

Why should I feed a raw diet?

  • no doggy odor
  • naturally cleans teeth – no need for toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, or gum disease
  • the time it takes for a dog to chew a raw meaty bones give their stomach adequate time to get the acids moving
  • much less stool produced – and they are firm, and turn chalky after a couple of days
  • decreased or non-existent vet bills (your dogs are healthier!)
  • less cost for dog food – commercial dog foods are ludicrously expensive
  • mirrors what a dog would be getting in the wild – and certainly even the modern day dog has a digestive tract exactly the same as a wolf
  • puppies develop at a more appropriate rate – and quick growth spurts are avoided. A GOOD breeder will want to stop fast growth in any pup.
  • the ripping and chewing involved in eating raw meaty bones develops the jaw, neck, and shoulder muscles of the dog.

What have people reported?

People who have switched their dogs to a raw diet from commercial dog foods have found the following:

  • dogs who were previously un-energetic and sluggish seem to become completely new dogs once the raw diet begins
  • allergies their dogs previously had on commercial foods disappear once they start with the raw diet
  • arthritis has significantly been reduced or disappeared entirely in some dogs switched to raw
  • better weight control
  • no more doggy odor
  • their dogs are living longer on a raw diet than what their other dogs previously had survived on commercial dog foods
  • that their bitches managed their pregnancies better
  • better weight and survival figures in puppies

Why is dry commercial dog food not good for my dog?

There are a range of problems with commercial dog foods.

  • A dog’s food should never be cooked. It should be fed in a raw state like nature intended. Cooking a dog’s food ruins most of the nutritional value.
  • Dogs should have access to raw meaty bones. These clean their teeth, work and develop their neck and jaw muscles. The chewing action prepares their stomach for the incoming food mass. Chewing bones slows down the eating process considerably, making it more difficult for a dog to over-eat.
  • The main ingredients in most dog food are different cereals – the main ingredient your dog should be eating is raw meaty bones. It is these very cereals that cause a range of problems such as allergies.
  • Commercial dog foods are laden with preservatives, colors (dyes), and salt.
  • The vast majority of commercial dog foods have far too many carbohydrates in them. High levels of carbohydrates are linked to over-eating, diabetes, weight gain, and numerous other problems. Dogs should eat a low carb diet.
  • And most disappointing of all, your vet is most probably recommending a commercial diet because of financial inducements and a lack of independent learning.

-From: Jane Anderson’s Raw Feeding FAQ

The result of kibble feeding is tartar caked teeth. Raw meaty bones will keep these teeth clean.

Why put your beloved pet through anesthesia for cleaning and risk his life, when raw meaty bones will keep those teeth clean? Give your dog a bone!